The NEW, REVOLUTIONARY Frame, by Thermoplastiki only.

With the innovative fiberglass reinforced technology, combines high aesthetics with excellent thermal insulation properties.

Available in 8 New Ulti Matt Colors, gloss-free with aluminum-like appearance and texture.

The unique design integrates technologies that make a difference,
offering the freedom to create unique buildings, while making it ideal for large openings and particularly robust.


The less visible profile and the ultra-thin 10mm outer frame offer more view, light, comfort and functionality.
  • Double or triple glass pane option (up to 56 mm)
  • Mechanism with outer double tubular hinges up to 80 Kg
  • 5 chambers on the sash
  • Sound insulation according to EN ISO 717-1 up to 48dB and Security RC3
  • Sealing system with 2 brushes and 1 rubber element
  • Because of fiber glass it achieves height up to 2,30m

Technical Specifications


Maximum Glazing: 56 mm
Sash Depth: 82 mm

Total Visible Width: 116mm
Threshold: 20mm

Weiss 9152 Ulti-Matt

Grau 7155 Ulti-Matt

Quarzgrau 7039 Ulti-Matt

Basaltgrau 7012 Ulti-Matt

Anthrazitgrau 7016 Ulti-Matt

Schwarz Ulti-Matt

Turner Oak Toffee

Turner Oak Malt

Double and Triple glazing option

Mechanism with outer double tubular hinges to 80 Kg

Sealing system with 2 brushes and 1 rubber element

Surface Protection Mechanism: Ferguard (1000 hours), protection against corrosion

100% Recyclable

Energy Efficiency: Uf 1,3 W/ m2K basic edition

Sound insulation up to Rw=48 dB according to ΕΝ ΙSO 717-1

Anti-burglar protection up to RC3 according to DIN EN 1627

Air permeability according to DIN EN 12207  –  Category:4

Water permeability according to DIN EN 12208  –  Category:9Α

Wind resistance according to DIN EN 12210  –  Category:B5/C5

Resistance to transverse stresses according to DIN EN 13115  –  Category: 1

Resistance to use according to DIN EN 12400  –  Category: 3

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