Roller Shutters – Insect Screens

Thermoplastiki has been active for over 30 years in the manufacture of roller shutters and garage doors from aluminum and uPVC, and at the same time has developed a strong presence in the manufacture of insect screens, with a variety of types, designs and colours to match any type of framing.

The prime objective of the solutions we offer is visual comfort and the overall protection of your space not only against weather conditions, but also against dust, insects and any potential intruder. With the use of top-quality mechanisms and accessories as well as certified raw materials and manufacturing processes, the final products are characterised by ergonomics, aesthetics, functionality and durability.



From creating the ideal shading conditions to ensuring the safety of the garage entrance, it all depends on selecting and installing the proper roller shutters. Thermoplastiki chooses certified raw materials with a view to creating ideal proposals for interior shading, energy efficiency and protection against adverse weather conditions. The high quality manufacturing ensures the protection of your space and at the same time guarantees the quality and durability of the final product. In addition, the roller shutters provide high burglary protection as well as functionality with the motion mechanism of your choice.



Thermoplastiki carries a wide variety of screen types, providing applications and solutions for covering any type of opening. Whether it is a fixed placement, permanent or removable, at Thermoplastiki you can find the screen type which will add functionality and beauty to your space, keeping dust and insects at bay.

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