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Novablok™ xps terrace is the new, innovative proposal by Thermoplastiki, which has come to provide a definitive solution to roof insulation by offering a complete insulation application for inverted roofs. It is a composite thermal insulating tile (measuring 60cm x 30cm), which consists of one novablok thermal insulating extruded polystyrene panel and two non-slip exterior square tiles (measuring 30cm x 30cm).

As a top roofing thermal insulation solution, novablok terrace combines excellent thermal insulation with high aesthetics, upgrading the horizontal surface of the roof in terms of energy-efficiency and appearance, while at the same time enhancing the value and functionality of the building with all the properties associated with novablok. The convenience and innovation of the application method of the novablok terrace panels render the whole surface passable and non-slip, while the absence of thermal bridges ensures homogeneous thermal insulation by eliminating heat loss spots which tend to form with conventional insulations. Finally, the material itself displays excellent dimensional stability and high resistance to extreme weather conditions and frost while its light weight renders it ideal for application on older buildings.

Κορυφαίες αντιστάσεις σε:

  • Aπώλειες ενέργειας και θερμοκρασίας
  • Mούχλα και μύκητες
  • Υγρασία και διάβρωση
  • Πίεση και διάτμηση

Μοναδικές ιδιότητες:

  • Συμπαγές και ανθεκτικό
  • Αποδεδειγμένα αξιόπιστο
  • Χωρίς ανάγκη συντήρησης
  • Χωρίς ανάγκη αντικατάστασης για όλη τη διάρκεια ζωής του κτηρίου

Εύκολη εφαρμογή σε:

  • Θεμέλια και πέδιλα, πατώματα και οροφές, κολώνες και δοκάρια, ξύλινα τμήματα κ.ά.

Μέγιστη προστασία από υγρασία

  • Το novablok προσφέρει απαράμιλλη προστασία από την υγρασία.

1) Light weight of construction

With only half the weight of the competitive products, the 20 kg/m2 of novablok terrace make it ideal for older buildings.

2) Prevention of cracking

Novablok terrace tiles, being full body and antifreeze, do not crack and are therefore ideal for outdoor use, withstanding even the largest temperature variations, properties which are not possessed by mortar cement products and conventional non full body tiles.

3) Effective adhesion – 5-year guarantee

The new adhesion technology ensures that the tile will not be detached form the xps. The adhesive is not just a conventional tile adhesive and one of its key properties is that it prevents water from penetrating between the tile and the insulation material.

4) Dimensional stability

Contrary to mortar cement products, novablok terrace tiles are not placed in line with the insulation material, but 1.5 mm inwards, in order to create even jointing. Thus, the product is capable of absorbing expansion and contraction for open-plan surfaces of up to 50m2.

5) Quick and easy application

The 600×300 size and the shiplap -rabote type- profile make the product easy to apply, as opposed to conventional 600×600 shiplap L profile panels.

6) Top quality extruded polystyrene

Novablok is top quality extruded polystyrene, with compressive strength of over 300kpa and full compliance with the declaration of the product’s performance.

7) Full practicability – high aesthetics

Novablok terrace is fully passable as opposed to other competitive products and is therefore ideal for rooftops which are frequently visited. And even if frequent visitation does makes the adhesion and jointing of the product necessary, the final result will be one of high architectural aesthetics.

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