Double Glass Panes

Triple Glass Panes

We manufacture a wide range of all types of glass panes, to meet all needs and architectural applications, improving the facade and profile of newly-built or old buildings.

The application of frames with double glazed glass pane ensures integrated solutions for any need and certified results.






Glass Panes Sun Plus

One of our major concerns is to offer you integrated energy solutions for three main reasons:
i. To help you save money;
ii. To upgrade the quality of your space and your daily life;
iii. To promote environmental awareness and protection.
By using our frame solutions and choosing our solar more glass pane system, we can help you improve the energy efficiency of any older building, exceeding even the highest standards, increasing the possibility of a potential renovation grant.

Furthermore, when the above solution is combined with the application of other insulating materials, including novablok™ xps and feliblok™ eps, we can deliver an integrated energy-efficiency improvement solution to any building, either newly-built or older.

5mm Solar

6mm Solar

4+4 Solar

Thermix triple glazed glass pane

Alu double glazed glass pane

Entrance with triple glazed glass pane

Aluminum spacers


Autumn – Winter
Cold spot
Minimizing cold spots caused by exposed surfaces, by applying thermal protection layers and preventing any heat loss or cold air from entering.
Thermal protection and elimination of heat loss play a significant part in saving on heating costs.

Environmental behavior
Significant energy savings help improve the building’s ecological footprint.

No condensation
Maintaining the air temperature on the glass pane surface prevents condensation on the glass pane interior.

Spring – Summer
Thermal protection
Keep a constant room temperature, as the solar more thermal protecting energy-efficient glass panes prevent heat from entering your space, keeping the air cool.

Thermal protection and elimination of heat transfer play a significant part in saving on air-conditioner costs.

Environmental behavior
Significant energy savings help improve the building’s ecological footprint.

UV protection
Featuring argon gas in their inner inaccessible side, and much more in their triplex versions, solar more energy-efficient glass panes prevent UV rays from penetrating and entering your space.

The rate of sunlight penetrating the solar more energy-efficient glass panes and entering your space accounts for an ideal 71%.

Solar factor
The Solar Factor is a coefficient that measures the solar energy transmittance of glass panes. The lower its value, the higher the sun protection offered by the frame. For the solar more energy-efficient glass panes, the Solar Factor value is only 0.44 (40%).

U-Values measure the amount of heat transferred through the glass panes of a frame and lost. The lower the U-Value, the lower the heat loss and the greater its insulation power. Featuring argon gas in the double and triple glazed glass, solar more energy-efficient glass panes deliver 1.1 and 0.6 W/(m2K) protection respectively.

Transparent metal coating that covers the inaccessible surface of the glass pane placed inside your space, together with help from the argon noble gas between the solar more system glass panes, deliver excellent thermal insulation and prevent heat loss. At the same time, they effectively control heat from the sun, reflect UV rays and allow the heating power and sunlight to enter your space freely. This way, they help maintain the room temperature and save on heating or cooling costs, all year long. On the outside, the solar more frames are transparent and they look almost like any standard double glazed glass pane system.

Glass Panes Triplex

Triplex glass panes are Thermoplastiki’s reinforced protection and security solution. A special multi-level structure delivers the final properties of the product, depending on the needs of your space. This product is a completely specialised solution, to meet the complex needs of your daily life.

The Triplex glass pane consists of multiple glass layers, which are merged under high pressure and temperature, with inner composite film layers. The purity of materials and our high expertise help us deliver an aesthetically flawless end-product, without compromising visual clarity for the sake of application.

3+3 Satin Frost

3+3 soundproof

3+3 white

4+4 soundproof

4+4 white

4+4 Solar

5+5 Satin Frost



Break-proof structure
Internal film layers secure the glass structure even in case it breaks. The broken glass pane stays in place without breaking into fragments, to prevent from any injuries and protect against burglary, even when broken.

Bullet-proof structure
Made under extremely high pressure and temperature, bullet-proof triplex glass panes provide excellent protection in case of increased need for security. Containing PVB (Polyvinyl butyral) layers, bullet-proof glass panes can be painted in any colour you like, or even have additional energy-saving and insulation properties.

Sound-proof structure
Triplex protection is not only about protection against physical damage. Sound proofing is one more property of our wide choice of multi-layered glass panes. The excellent absorbency of the composite material creates a shield and blocks sound waves, to provide a peaceful interior, free from any external disturbance.

Wind-resistance structure
Featuring anti-cyclone protection with the right reinforcement components, our resistant multi-layered glass panes can protect your space even from strong wind gusts.

Solar more – Energy structure
Our solar more solutions can be also applied to triplex energy-efficient glass panes, adding the energy efficiency property to their safety features, and delivering higher energy savings and important benefits in terms of economy, preservation of the building value and energy identity. Furthermore, featuring argon gas in their inner inaccessible side, and due to their structure, triplex solar more energy-efficient glass panes prevent UV rays from penetrating and entering your space.

The structure of Triplex glass panes is based on their inner film. In case of breakage, broken glass panes stay in place without breaking into fragments. This way, the broken glass prevents any injuries caused by glass fragments and any burglary attempts. In several cases, the functionalities of Triplex glass panes can be combined with the solar more energy-efficient structure, to deliver integrated energy and cost saving benefits.

Glass Panes Special Purpose

We are always one step ahead in technology developments, to offer you solutions that meet even your most specific needs. You may now optimize integrated frame systems by adding relevant special-purpose glass panes to meet your exact needs and expectations.

Through a special manufacturing process and subsequent treatment, special-purpose glass panes can meet the needs of both households and businesses, to ensure quality and protection.

Satin frost 4mm

Satin frost 5mm

D. Matte white



D.Matte Bronze

Thin Waterfall 4mm

Brown cathedral 4mm

Yellow cathedral 4mm

White cathedral 4mm

Hazel cathedral 4mm

Blue cathedral 4mm

Green cathedral 4mm


Thick waterfall 5mm

Stop sol silver

Chinchilla 4mm

Frost pattern 4mm

Frost stripes 5mm

Georgian Wired 4mm

Reflective Glass Panes
Reflective glass panes are ideal for glass applications in wide, exposed surfaces, as they reflect a large part of the sunlight, blocking both incoming rays and outside visibility.

Self-cleaning and Hydrophobic Glass Panes
Special glass treatment can deliver self-cleaning properties, since special coating prevents dust or external dirt.

Hydrophobic glass panes are also subject to similar treatment, ideal for both external and internal use.

Graded Light Transmittance Glass Panes
Graded light transmittance glass panes consist of specially-treated matte glass strips, which allow just a portion of sunlight to enter, offering limited visibility with a blurring effect. This application is ideal for both internal and external applications.

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