Authenticity Seal from Thermoplastiki

A product, manufactured by Thermoplastiki, is synonymous with all the company’s characteristics and policy. Thus, a frame, coming from our production lines, is also characterized by the top quality of materials and construction. After all, quality is one of the top and at the same time non-negotiable characteristics of Thermoplastiki. Our goal is to deliver to the consumer a product worthy of this philosophy of ours. As direct proof that a product is the result of Thermoplastiki’s production process, from December 2017 the company starts placing a distinctive mark of authenticity on its frames.

The Certification of Authenticity

An iridescent adhesive tape, with a repeating pattern of Thermoplastiki’s logo, is located on the inside of the frames, at the height of the handle, immediately certifying the authenticity of the frame. Thus, the consumer, by opening the frame, has direct access to the indication of its authenticity, and is absolutely sure that the product carries the certifications, as well as the exclusive after-sale privileges of Thermoplastiki.

What does Authenticity Seal means?

The Thermoplastiki’s Seal of Authenticity represents the company’s own quality policy, which has been certified since the beginning of 2000 with the leading quality management system. The quality policy of Thermoplastiki consists of the value of providing services and products of high standards, fully responding to the demands and expectations of its customers and complying with the current international and national legal and regulatory requirements of its sector.

The company, applying a specific and integrated management system, identifies and examines quality problems in all its processes and, with the help of its human resources, studies and takes all those necessary measures to prevent or solve them.

It is our very philosophy to offer both excellent and certified products, as well as services of a corresponding level, through and from an integrated network of agencies and branches throughout Greece, as well as in major European cities. A frame with the authenticity seal of Thermoplastiki is the result of this philosophy, and at the same time enjoys the care of the after-sale service, and the unique warranty privileges of Thermoplastiki.

Energy identity in every frame

With the aim of providing complete information and assurance to each customer regarding the certified properties of a complete frame, Thermoplastiki innovates and attaches the self-adhesive Energy Identity Label. The standard basis of which Thermoplastiki manufactures the frames is that of Passive House and not of KENAK.

Quality Guarantee

Thermoplastiki is at the consumer’s side both for the selection of the ideal product and its installation, as well as for its proper operation and maintenance. With certified raw materials and with the entire manufacturing in accordance with strict standards and top specifications, the company is able to guarantee the consumer both the quality of the final product and its durability over time and use.

With each aluminum, uPVC & Fiberglass Reinforced frame, as well as with each roll, the buyer receives an accompanying manual which, in addition to useful information and instructions, also includes the product’s explicit warranty statement, with detailed wording and a complete reference.

Resistance challenge to time and use

Both synthetic uPVC frames and Fiberglass Reinforced frames come with a 10-year warranty on white color profiles, double and triple glazing, as well as opening / tilting profile mechanisms, while the colored profiles of the category also have a 5-year warranty .

Thermoplastiki’s Aluminum Frames come with 5 years of proper operation of white and colored profiles, as well as the opening / tilting mechanisms, while the double and triple glazing that they carry is guaranteed for 10 years.

Thermoplastiki’s Roller Shutters are accompanied by 5 years of proper operation for the roller shutter itself, while the motor that accompanies them is covered by a 3-year warranty of proper operation.

Finally, in collaboration with the manufacturing company Somfy, Thermoplastiki guarantees the durability and correct operation of the automation systems that accompany its products, with a complete description of all the contents of the guarantees per type and category of component.

Our goal is to offer the consumer top products with certified quality and durability, covering their care and proper operation both through specialized maintenance services and through guarantees of good operation of the products themselves.

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