Security Doors

In the class of security doors, Thermoplastiki offers one of the most integrated armoring solutions, in terms of both security and energy efficiency. Double sheet armoring, closed-type self-supporting case, heavy-duty hinges and controlled opening mechanism: these are some of the key security features that complement the powerful 16-point locking system.

Technical Characteristics

  • Door leaf with double armoring of electro-galvanised sheet metal.
  • Closed-type, self-supporting case, RAL 9005 electrostatic coating, grained black matt.
  • RAL 9005 grained black matt wood panel retaining profile.
  • Heavy duty hinges, silent, adjustable.
  • Small key. CISA lock with CISA ASTRAL rim cylinder, with 5 keys + 1 master key and ownership card.
  • Controlled opening mechanism.
  • Lock tongue latch.
  • Panoramic180o peephole door viewer.
  • Automatic adjustable windshield.
  • Case perimeter rubber, insulating, anti-shock.
  • Cylinder protector.
  • HOPPE aluminum knob set in silver, gold or bronze.

GLADIA Lock Points

  • 4 Central locking bolts.
  • 1 Lock tongue bolt.
  • 4 Lateral bolts, top & bottom.
  • 1 Vertical top bolt.
  • 1 Controlled opening bolt.
  • 5 Rear fixed bolts.

Available CPL Panel

Palissandros Grey

Palissandros Blue

Palissandros White

Noce Alter

Olmo Cenere


Rovere Oak


Walnut wood

Available veneer/wood panels

Oak 17

Vertical grain 17

Vertical grain 15

Anigre B1

Light, vertical grain

Light oak

Acacia Β2

Oak 32

Acacia Β1

Anigre B2

Oak B4

Vertical grain Β4

Anigre B3

Walnut single Varnish

Acacia – cherry

Anigre B4

Acacia Β4

Vertical grain 19

Oak 38

Vertical grain 38

ΑΤ 141 Wenge

Anigre B4

Decorative design

The option of a decorative design adds a very stylish touch to the end result, thus customizing the special features of each exterior door. An integrated combination, which may have a classic or modern look.

Des. L1
Des. L2
Des. L3
Des. L4
Des. L5
Des. L5
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