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We kindly request that you read through these terms of use before using thermoplastiki.gr website (the “website”), which is owned by the company INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL SOCIÉTÉ ANONYME FOR WOOD AND METAL PRODUCTS trading as THERMOPLASTIKI INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL S.A. (TIN 099478893 TAX OFFICE: Kavala, G.E.M.I. No. 020544630000, registered office Amigdaleonas, Kavala, contact telephone no, +30 2510391706, email: info@thermoplastiki.gr) (the “company”). By continuing to browse the website or using any of the services provided by it you unreservedly accept the present terms of use. The “company” reserves all rights to correct, remove or add any terms at any time. Such amendments shall have immediate effect. For this reason, we kindly request that you examine the terms of provision of services on a regular basis. The use of the website, or any service provided by the website, following the notification of the amendment of the terms and conditions of the provision of services, automatically constitutes the acceptance by you of the terms and conditions for the services, as amended. If you do not accept all these terms of use, without exception, please stop using the website.

Intellectual Property

The entire website’s content, including indicatively but not restrictively, texts, photographs, videos, sounds and graphics, and goods together with trademarks, logos, distinctive characteristics and/or other intellectual property rights, constitute the intellectual property of the “company”y and are protected by Greek and international laws. The website is also protected as collective work by laws on intellectual property rights and by other laws and contracts. You acknowledge that the “company” has spent money, time and effort for developing, setting-up and preparing the website and it constitutes the intellectual property of the “company” or and any third parties, where applicable, with which the “company” may cooperate for the creation and development of the website’s content. Consequently, you do not retain any right to copy the content of the website, parts or derivatives without a special written permission.

Limitations of Use

The use of the website or part of it (indicatively its contents and photographs) is forbidden for any unlawful purpose, or in any way which does not comply with these terms of use. You agree to solely make personal, non-commercial use of the website and only for your account and not to resell or otherwise transfer or make available to or to be used by or for the benefit of another person or entity. Further, you agree to not use, transfer, distribute or make available any information and content contained on the website in any way that could prove to be in competition with the activities carried out by the “company”. The copying, reproduction, republication, amendment, preparation of derivative works, transfer or exploitation in any way of any part of the website is not permitted, with the exclusion of downloading material and printing a copy for your exclusive, non-commercial use, subject to the condition that you retain all the references as regards development and other intellectual property rights.

Moreover, you may not sell part of the website or transmit it in another medium including but not limited to printed media, television or radio shows, computer networks, the internet etc., without the prior written consent of the “company”. Consequently, the website and the information contained in it may not be used for the creation of data bases of any type.

Finally, the use in any way of the trademarks, logos, distinctive characteristics etc. contained or mentioned on the website is not permitted.

It is noted that any violation by you of these terms of use, which result in the infringement of the “company’s” intellectual industrial property rights, may give rise for the “company” to claim compensation for any damages suffered.


The company THERMOPLASTIKI INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL S.A., with registered office in Amigdaleonas, Kavala and thermoplastiki.gr, created this website with the exclusive purpose to service their customers. Any information you provide us with, is subject to the rules below, which you, as users of the website, accept with the use of the services of the website.

You as a user of this website accept that any information you provide during its use, is willingly provided after having read and accepted these personal data protection terms of thermoplastiki.gr. The users’ details (name, profession, email address, residence address etc.) are treated as confidential, as in usual transactions in a shop. When users provide these details they give their consent and accept the further processing of these personal data details for the needs of the smooth and facile transaction between the parties. It is explicitly declared that the recipients of the details and information which you provide are exclusively and solely the employees and contractors of THERMOPLASTIKI INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL S.A.
THERMOPLASTIKI INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL S.A. commits to not sell, lease in any way publish or/and disclose the personal data of visitors/users to any third body. It may share personal data of visitors/users with third legal or/and natural persons only if: a) it has the express consent of visitors/users for sharing personal data, b) the sharing of personal data with legal or/and natural persons which cooperate with THERMOPLASTIKI INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL S.A. is necessary in order to carry out the wishes or/and instructions of visitors/users. The legal and natural persons which cooperate with THERMOPLASTIKI INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL S.A. have the right to process the personal data which visitors/users of thermoplastiki.gr submit to it, only up to the degree that it is necessary in order to provide support to thermoplastiki.gr, c) it is required in order to be in compliance with the respective provisions of the law and towards the competent bodies. Further, we hereby notify to you the existence of the right of access and the right to object of article 12 and 13 of Law 2472/1997.

Collection of information
thermoplastiki.gr designed its website in order for its users to be able to visit it without needing to disclose their identity, unless they wish to do so. The users of the website are requested to provide us with their personal data information only if they want to send an email to thermoplastiki.gr, receive information from thermoplastiki.gr or send curriculum vitae in order to apply for a job post. In such cases, it is expressly accepted that any type of personal data is provided by you willingly and with your consent. Moreover, it is expressly accepted that all specified herein are applicable, resulting to all personal data, which you choose to send and are requested by the company, to be examined by employees, contractors or third party associates of THERMOPLASTIKI INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL S.A., to which the latter will have direct and unobstructed access to.

Use of Information
thermoplastiki.gr collects the following type of information as regards its users: (1) details which the users give us upon their registration as customers for providing them with updates and (2) details which users give us when they send their curriculum vitae. When filling-in any form on our website, your name and surname, your address, your area post code, your email address your telephone and any other necessary details will be requested. thermoplastiki.gr will use the information you provide in the electronically mailed form in order to contact you if that is requested. For this reason, the information you provide must be valid. For this reason, the information you provide must be valid.

Access to information
The presentation and display by you of your personal data means that you consent for this data to be used by thermoplastiki.gr for the above purposes. Consequently, the use by you of thermoplastiki.gr website and the provision of the requested personal data details means that you accept the receipt and processing of the personal data you provide by thermoplastiki.gr for the above purposes and within the above context.

Cookies are small text files which are sent and stored on the user’s computer, allowing websites such as thermoplastiki.gr to smoothly operate and without any technical failures, to collect multiple choices by users, to recognize frequent users, to facilitate their access to it, and for the collection of data for improving the website’s content. Cookies do not damage users’ computers or files stored in them. They are used in order to provide you with information and handle your orders, while each time you exit the site they are automatically deleted. You must keep in mind that cookies are absolutely necessary in order for thermoplastiki.gr website to properly and smoothly function. You may set your browser in such a way that it notifies you that cookies are being used for specific services of thermoplastiki.gr. If you do not wish the use of cookies for your identification, you may not have further access to these services.

Correction, Amendment or Deletion of Information
thermoplastiki.gr allows its users to correct, change, supplement or delete data and information they have provided. If you choose to delete information, thermoplastiki.gr will take action in order to delete this information immediately from its files, after first trying to verify that the person requesting the change is in fact the same person whom the information regards. For any related information, please send an email to info@thermoplastiki.gr

Security of transactions
thermoplastiki.gr is committed in ensuring the security and Integrity of the data it collects in respect of the users of its website and for this reason it takes the necessary measures in order to protect the personal data which you the users provide in any way. These procedures protect the data of users from any non-permitted access or disclosure, loss or misuse, and change or destruction. thermoplastiki.gr uses the Secure Sockets Layer protocol, with 128-bit encryption software (currently the strongest encryption). In this way all of your personal information is encrypted so that they cannot be read or amended while they are transmitted over the internet. Today, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol is the standard used globally on the internet for website certification by web users and for the encryption of data between web users and web servers. An encrypted SSL communication requires that all information exchanged between a customer and a server is encrypted by the software that sends the information and is decrypted by the software that receives it, thus protecting personal information while it is being transmitted over the internet. Moreover, any information sent through SSL protocol is protected by a mechanism that automatically verifies if data has been altered during its transmission.

Periodical Changes
We inform you that thermoplastiki.gr constantly improves its website and the products related to it. Within this framework, it will renew and amend the present terms without prior notification to users. For this reason we recommend that you read these terms on a regular basis, in order to be updated on any changes in the content of this personal data protection policy.

Applicable Law-Jurisdiction
Any differences between the contracting parties regarding the implementation, interpretation, invalidity of terms of the contract, the existence or non-existence of rights and obligations of contracting parties arising from a contract or a breach, is interpreted in accordance with the Greek laws and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts with jurisdiction ratione materiae of Kavala, where the registered office of the company is located, under the jurisdiction of which the parties are willingly subject to as of today.

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